Wagging Tail-536

There’s early rising and then there is too early rising.

This morning at two o’clock alarms started going off.

The power had gone off so Dads oxygen generating machine started screaming.

The power company estimated restoration by six but you never know.

We got Dad on his little portable tank but then we realized that we didn’t know how to switch the flow controller to the bigger cylinder.

One had a gasket but the other two didn’t. We were green!

The bro googled how to make the switch and was confident he could handle the one with the gasket but we were worried if we needed the others how we should connect them.

So we called the providers of the equipment and they called us back. Poor people had to wake up a technician to give us the instructions.

No sooner had he called than the juice was back on.

Back to bed and in all of this the tike never stirred!

PS secretary was so overwrought she forgot to push publish button!

Blessing #1137-Practice Run

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