Wagging Tail-551

The bro is a kind hearted soul. After all he adopted a nutcase.

Her breed seem to be the sort who eat and sleep a lot and aren’t to fussy about keeping their quarters clean!

The bro and my nemesis have a lot in common.

Yesterday in the midst of her stress the engine light came on in Mums car on the way to work.

The bro said he’d take it for repair today.

That meant the Mother took his car.

Well you should have heard the pings on his phone when she was no sooner out of the house.

At every stop light she sent another message.

Ma “You need to get this car serviced it’s way overdue”

Bro “Unlike your Merc there are no warning light on in my trusty Honda”

Ma- “Why do you never fix the clock”

Bro-“I’d only have to change it again in spring”

Ma-“The windshield wipers on the right is broken“

Bro-“I sit on the left to drive”

Ma- “This car is a disgrace. What is all this red gunk on the front and back seats? Did you murder someone”

Bro “No just think about it sometimes”

Ma”This car smells of pizza”

Bro “Tell me about it how’d you like to do delivery?”

Ma”Why is there a lavender candle in the back seat”

Bro” To help me do what you need to do. CHILL!”

Blessing #1152-Dialogue

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