Wagging Tail-552

If you are into mysteries here is a good one.

Due to the increase in customer traffic at the Tearoom this week more baking was called for this morning.

We kids never object as Dad is always good for a share.

Here’s the funny thing though. The pumpkin muffins look orange instead of brown.

Being a Food Scientist Ma should know why but she is perplexed.

The only differences were the brand of pumpkin, she used Aldi rather than Libby, and the fact that she ran out of all spice so had to improvise.

She used cinnamon and ginger instead.

Maybe the lack of clove caused the difference.

What do you all think?

Could such a minor change impact color so much?

We don’t mind either way they taste yummy Mummy

Blessing# 1153-Puzzles

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