Wagging Tail-558

There is something very odd going on at our place this morning.

All runs normal for a few moments.

Ma gives me my brekkie and water which I know now I should eat and drink before you know who gets up or she’ll nosh it.

I’m just half way through my kibble when the bro gets up!

It’s only 6:45.

What the heck that’s closer to his usual bedtime than his time of rising.

Next thing you know my food and water are pulled from in front of me and put on the counter.

Next the dragon is let loose.

She searches for my leftovers.

Discovers they are out of reach and starts crying.

In comes the bro again and puts her leash on and they disappear!

I begged to go too because he took his car keys and I always want to go car.

But no, I was left with the aged Ps.

Have my wishes been granted? Is the monster being returned from whence she came.

Where else could they be going at this time of day.

Tune in tomorrow for an update!

Blessing #1159-Peace

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