Wagging Tail-559

Well I know you are all waiting for the latest on yesterday’s adventures so I’m getting this out before dawn.

The bro returned without the niece at 7:30 am.

My heart leapt with delight. She had indeed been returned to sender.

Ma took me out with Auntie Denise for a good trot and it was just like old times. No leashes crossing or flossy in my face. I was in heaven.

Soon Ma left for work and then the bro left for work and I was left with Dad.

Man the days go slow when you have no one to chase or complain about. There is really only so much CNN and My 600lb Life that I can take. So I snuck off to the kitchen to mope and watch the door.

No one came until 5:30 pm when in walks Ma.

She says to me “now Scooby you’re a good boy and I want you on your very best behavior because Nala is spaced out”

She gives me food, disappears and after a few minutes in she comes again with the niece.

I took one look at her and realized she was high as a kite. The niece that is not Ma!

Her eyes were kind of rolling backwards and here’s the best bit. She mooches over to the food and water bowls and then turns her back on them without so much as a munch or a sip.

Now I was worried. Ma said I had to be super soft with her as she has stitches in her belly. Seems a bit young and skinny to me for a tummy tuck but maybe they did a gastric bypass to economize on kibble!

Having missed her after that initial period alone I felt I must administer intensive care.

She snuggled up by Dad and at one point I was considering giving her a whiff of his oxygen but decided instead on mouth to mouth.

She eventually came round and sipped a smidgen of water but not a morsel passed her muzzle.

Off to bed she went at 9:00 pm without so much as a single snarl.

Wonder how she’ll be today.

Blessing #1160-Snipped

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