Wagging Tail-561

The niece is back to her usual form.

She’d eat the arm of you.

Yesterday already she tried to devour a remnant of a dead animal.

It looked like a squirrels tail but we didn’t studied it in depth.

Poor Ma had to pull it out of her mouth.

I nearly puked. The bro was warned she might too but she didn’t.

Today she downloaded about a kilo of kibble!

She also got her first taste of soda bread.

Ma was sending cards to our nears and dears in Northern Ireland and she got a hankering for home.

It’s sticks to your ribs that soda especially if it’s stuffed with ham and fried eggs.

It didn’t quite fill up the bro though.

He is nom noming away on Frosties as we write. Since he’s generous he’s sharing with us canines.

As they say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with his daughter.

Blessing #1162-Brunch Crunch

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