Wagging Tail-562

Yesterday it was wet wet wet so we were stuck indoors watching TV and vegging.

Ma likes to watch educational things in the afternoon as she saves the soapy stuff for the evening with WINE!

We were once again subjected to NOVA and it was all about black holes.

She likes things about the universe because it makes her reflect on the divine and the vastness of space.

Well this business of black holes made me think of something or should I saw someone also! I too can be very philosophical.

They chew up everything around them.

See what I mean.

Once they get sufficiently dense they explode and spew out a new galaxy.

Not sure if she’ll produce a galaxy but this black body is set to explode soon. Keep clear bro!

Blessing #1163-Parallels

2 Replies to “Wagging Tail-562”

  1. We have a 8mo old chocolate lab in our family and I feel for you all. He sleeps on his grandma, my sister, who keeps him duri,g the daytime when his family is working. Just visiting has convinced me to not get a puppy for myself. It takes a village to raise a puppy.


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