Wagging Tail-567

Mom and me woke up at 5:30 this morning. We lay and had a cuddle and talked about being kind to those around us. At 5:50 we decided we’d get up and have a quiet brekkie before mega mouth made manifest.

Well the best laid plans never running smooth and all that swiftly swung into action.

Who did we meet but the bro.

“Are you just coming in now” Ma asks him.

“No” he says “I’m getting ready for work. I have to make dough.”That would be the literal sort! Seems they’ve already thousands of pizza orders to fill.

It’s the great rivalry game today in football Ohio State versus the team up north (for the uninitiated that’s Michigan). It is sort of like the rivalry between me and mega but not quite as great.

So what does all this mean for Mom and me? Well of course since the bro is up the mega is crying to get her brekkie too.

This is where those of you with a light stomach need to disconnect.

You see as soon as the vacuum sucks up the kibble it has to be emptied.

This can be taken care of and removed when there is light in the sky but when it’s pitch black it can result in the creation of unidentifiable minefields in our yard.

Ma marks these potential stinkers with brightly colored bags filled with stones and then recovers the production when she can see it.

However, with the sun setting early in the evening and Ma only getting home after dark, we’d run out of mine markers such is the production of the beast.

That’s when Ma and me had to get creative. What can we find at this time of morning to make more markers.


What do we have lots of?

What else but empty pill boxes!

Dad you don’t know how much you helped us! You really diffused a potentially stinky situation!


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