Wagging Tail-566

Greetings good people. Nala your Pitty Pups reporting today!

We had a very short trot this morning as the ground is covered in white stuff.

It tastes like ice cubes and I enjoy licking it.

It does give your feet a funny feeling though. They get sort of burnie.

Granny says I move like a Lipizzaner well today gave that a whole new meaning. I was dancing!

I nearly took the old soul of her feet a few times. Better be careful because if she’s down we will get no outings! See I’m smarter than you all think!

The uncle says this is just the start of tootsie trouble. It’s going to get worse before it get better and I need to toughen up.

My Dad is giving me some strategies that the Eskimos use.

He is my hero. Love him so much I just smacked him one.

Blessing#1167-Rubbing Noses

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