Wagging Tail-569

Ma had to go to the pharmacy this morning to pick up more of Dad’s prescriptions.

I wanted to go but she said I had to stay home and take care of the niece.

After fighting some we decided to sleep as Dad doesn’t like taking care of us especially if we are having a run around. He gets grumpy.

Ma decided to get her Covid booster and flu shot while she was at the pharmacy.

She had to wait an hour so she did some grocery shopping.

She’s in a bad mood though because she hates waiting and they wouldn’t take her before her scheduled time even though no one was there.

I told her chill and to quit moaning.

She’d know her driver if she was waiting all day every day like me for someone to come home and free her from the confines of this prison of a house I’m in.

Especially when my cell mate is the producer of the stinkiest farts in the world.

Maybe I’ll call her and ask her to pick up some meds for her too.


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