Wagging Tail-570

The bro is going all gooey about his babies first Christmas.


All because of that imbecile our tree has to be moved from its usual spot where I can see it to a remote corner of the house where no one goes.

She can’t be trusted you see as she will eat the decor or worse yet pee on the fir!

The bro was helping Ma to get everything sorted and had a brainwave. He decided if he jingle belled the beast we’d know where she was.

He disco balled me too.

Ma thought it was a great idea but after and hour of ring ding a linging she told the bro to take the decors off our collars.

She said it was cruel.

What she really meant was that it was getting on her nerves.

So we are relieved of adornments and the tree is up.


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