Wagging Tail-574

The niece has illusions of grandeur.

When we go the park the geese are usually knocking about. There’s a huge flock of them.

This morning they decided they were off somewhere.

When they take to flight they make a desperate racket.

Well big ears thinks she can fly too.

Tried to take off with them.

Nearly took my poor mothers arm out of its socked. Only I’m allowed to do that!

I whispered to her on our return that she’s got to behave like a canine and ignore flying objects once they are in the sky.

My concern is she may injure Ma and then we’d be grounded for good for sure.

By the way as you can see she has fully recovered from her operation and hair is growing again on the landing strip on her belly. All down to my excellent TLC!

Blessing#1175-Flight of Fancy

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