Wagging Tail-572

With the bro working at the pizza shop it’s fair to say this delight has become a staple at our place. It is rare that there is not some in the fridge.

To further enhance the consumption a new creation is now offered so we can have pizza for dessert or breakfast too.

It’s this cinnamon sugar concoction that the bro brings home now and then. We got one last night so Dad resisted eating it so he could have it for breakfast. Ma and bro caved in and ate their share.

We had a stand off over the food bowl as usual but none was added to it. We had to beg.

The few crumbs were insufficient to satisfy Mega.

She devoured a mile long road full of worms that had crept out in the rain last night.

Ma has given up trying to stop her eating them. She had to intervene though with a frightening scream when the demonic presence tried to chew down on a rat skin she found in a ditch.

It must have been pretty rank as she obeyed and dropped it immediately.

All these supplements appear to benefit her growth as she’s now the same height as me.

Has anyone got suggestions as to what we might feed her to stunt her or better yet exterminate her before things go from bad to worse.

Perhaps a concoction of all those things that sound so good that dogs shouldn’t eat like onions and garlic and raisins and grapes …….. or maybe ladies underwear will do the trick! I live in hope!


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