Wagging Tail-577

We have to buy dog food by the ton. Not exaggerating Ma can hardly lift the bag. it weighs more than me!

We keep the big one in the garage and a smaller one in the pantry.

We restock the small one from the big one and usually this routine happens in the garage. With temperatures at 20F this morning it was a tad too chilly for poor Ma to stand there scooping kibble from one bag to another at 6:30am.

So she hauled the big one into the kitchen and I supervised the transfer.

I cleaned up any spills like a good son.

Downside of all this industry was that it woke up big ears. She heard the noise and of course thought it was feeding time at the zoo.

When she wants out of the bros room she makes this high pitched little “I’m such a tinny little baby please help me” noise.

Of course Ma can’t listen to it for more than a second and caves in.

The “Dyson” then devours a pound of kibble in the time any normal critter could say crunchies.

This must immediately be followed by a trip to the yard. Since it’s pitch black I’m left inside as Ma says she can’t walk two dogs till it’s light.

That’s when I hear her barking like a big old bloodhound. This deep down masculine sound is sent out of her to terrify Skeeter and Nina the nice Labradors who live across the road.

Would frighten the life of you. Who knew that any single entity could have such vocals.

Is she the canine version of a Diva. Please send help!

Blessing#1178-Amazing Range

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