Wagging Tail 578

Having a good layer of fat around the bones can be helpful.

It’s paid off for my Mom who looks as though you have gone ten rounds with George Forman.

It started with her pinky about three weeks ago as you may recall when we got into that tangle of leashes.

About ten days ago the devils spawn tripped her up on the way to the sofa with her morning brew and she fell onto the side of the coffee table. Still has a massive bruise from that one.

Yesterday we (make that I) pulled her off her feet trying to chase our neighbors car as she left for work. She was in the process of picking up the Princess’s poop in our yard and fell into the drainage ditch. Fortunately not into the horrifically smelly material the creature emits.

We were then put in a strict training protocol beat on reward of good behaviors.

We (make that I again) did great with that this morning and didn’t chase a single vehicle. Aunt Denise saw how mature I’d become overnight.

Ma was feeling excessively proud of her dog training skills until that is we reached home after our two mile trot.

As it was icy she decided to take us across the grass instead of down the hill.

Big ears took this as a cue to play.

Tore off in one direction and her retractable leash in the other.

It hit Ma so hard on the inside of her shin that she nearly fainted.

Puffed up that like a postprandial Pitty it did. Heaven knows what color it will be this evening.

She has vowed this is the end. The demon was immediately returned to her father and he who was snoring will need to get a pair of walking shoes because Ma has had it.


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