Wagging Tail 579

After the exploits of yesterday we are being as good as Beatrix Potters Bunnies.

After almost strangling big ears Ma decided to try a different tactic.

She is rewarding good behavior rather than threading murder for bad one. She has said come and sit so many times I fear she has cracked up completely.

You know me though if there is a treat to be had I’ll do anything. It goes without saying mega would also except she’s not that smart and it’s taking her a while to catch on. On this occasion only I’m coaching her.

The wrinkled ones leg is less swollen than it was but is beautifully colored.

Looks a bit like a tattoo but we’ll spare you any more graphic detail.

She even chopped us up a dodgy pink lady as part of our training perks as a mid morning snack!

Who’d have thought that injury would lead to such reward!

Blessing#1180-Positive Reinforcements

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