Wagging Tail-584

I’m so glad I found my Mom and adopted her because she needs all the love she can get.

She is a nutter.

She’ll try anything. Way too much shelf confidence.

Yesterday is a prime example. She can’t find anymore of that Christmas mince pie filling stuff in the stores so she says to Dad « I’ve got an idea, I’m going to do an experiment »

So she takes a cup of marmalade, fires into it some raisins and sultanas and enough cinnamon to sent a Starbucks for the season.

She makes her mince pies and they look lovely going into the oven.

She takes on that smug « I’m a baking genius » look and settles down with a cuppa to wait for the delight.


The stuffing bubbles out all over the place.

So much so she can’t even get half the wretched things out of the pan. A few were rescued for Christmas Day.

Of course I’m now smirking as I know what’s coming my way. No waste in our place.

Of course I can’t have the fruity stuff as it’s « not good for dogs Scooby » but I get lots of the pastry pieces.

Sweet in fact very very very sweet! Dad loved them mushed up or not said they needed less chewing!

Goes without saying the bro ate them too as he’d eat anything that isn’t walking.

They were odd for my refined palate but certainly much better than the flying saucers she made for the niece and me. Those things we’re really very tough on the teeth but I nomnomed them anyway to spare her feelings.


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