Wagging Tail-585

I have been promoted and given additional responsibilities.

The snowman was an insufficient deterrent to keep jaws away from the Christmas tree. So far, from what we have seen, she has eaten a frosty bauble and a disco style along with part of the tree skirt. The extent of the destruction may be greater as there are so many danglers on the fir it’s hard to say unless you catch her noshing down.

She will be evicted from the premises if caught once more.

Maybe she’ll do us all a favor and eat the lights. A nice little electric shock or better still electrocution would go down well.

Ma is past herself shouting at her.

I’m just glad I can help my ancient P.

Definitely Santa will not be dropping off anything unless she shapes up sharp. Maybe that nasty cat uncle Sandy says roams around Iceland will come instead.

Blessing#1186-Festive Fur Ball

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