Wagging Tail-590

Ma and me woke up at 5:15 but decided to snuggle and think about food rather than jump out of bed.

As we have to scone this morning and she works this afternoon at the antique mall we thought about an easy dinner.

The big ham we had last a Sunday is still giving. It’s like the fish at the feeding of the five thousand it just keeps on giving.

So we decided to get to grips with it and strip it to the bone.

The bones are being boiled. I could have crunched them nicely but Ma doesn’t give me bones incase they stick in my throat.

Instead she cut up all the little fatty bits and made little lardons out of them that will be going into my dinner this week to tempt me to “eat up Scooby”.

It started with my breakfast.

It was yummy and such a good way to start the Christmas week.

All this before the dragon stirred.

Blessing#1191-Bacon Bits

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