Wagging Tail-589

Ma was making shortbread all morning. I nearly dripped to death and she only gave me a crumb.

I fought with the demon who was also salivating and she went for my throat like it was steak.

Tore off my jewels. Fortunately Ma rescued them before she ate them up!

When Ma got the last tray in the oven she sat done with a drop of tea to look at her emails.

I was gazing over her shoulder reading her email and I saw it.

Could my wish have been granted even before the big bearded one arrives. Are they going to sell her!

Alas I fear the bro is too attached. Dad though is definitely on my side.

We agreed we’d settle down and watch a great performance.

That VonTrapp man could take the demon in hand. In the meantime I’ll have to hum my favorite things.

It’s really great this new version of a classic. Put the beast to sleep in no time and made Ma happy too.


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