Wagging Tail-592

Hi fans! Pretty Pitty pups here.

Apologies for the late post but I’ve been suffering.

As I may have mentioned I love ice cubes they are so refreshing and crunchy.

Well last night when no one was looking I dove into the ice in my Grandpa’s glass.

He has this stuff with his ice cubes every night.

Of course I had to sip some of it to get at the glaçons! Je parle français comme tous les belles femmes!

Oh dear my Granny went ballistic when she caught me.

Started screaming at my Dad that I’d be sick and he was going to clean it up because she’d had enough of me.

If I hadn’t felt so happy I’d have been so sad.

I was full of beans for about five minutes and then boom I started to feel strange.

My ears went all funny. Granny took a video of me to show you the effect.

I did still eat by Nala Nyla as I didn’t want the grey gizzard to get the wrong impression.

I wasn’t long awake after that and have had this most horrendous headache every since.

Now I’m almost back to normal and ready for more fun tonight.

Cheers Gramps!

Blessing#1193-Sleeping It Off

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