Wagging Tail-593

See this Christmas time I could do it all year round.

Everyday you get more gifts

Yesterday Auntie Karen from across the street brought us these GIGANTIC pies.

They are the size of a small table! Ma said she’d never in all her life had seen bigger ones.

I just dreamed of nomnoming them.

So it was, like in all good fairy tales, that this morning my wish was granted. Dad had to go to get his blood work done so as soon as we got back we dug into the pumpkin.

A very balanced breakfast indeed.

The demonic presence had been returned to her chambers to snore with the bro while we all went to the doctors. So we had peace to eat!

Dad is so good at sharing. When she is not around he is particularly generous.

Heck this morning even Ma couldn’t finish all that was on her plate.

What a great start to the holidays.

Tonight we’ll try the apple with some ice cream once we have put the niece to rest.

See how that little dose of yumminess made me so suddenly sweet.

Blessing#1194-Tucking In

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