Wagging Tail-595

Pretty Pitty here! Hope your day is off to a swell start just like mine!

My Granny sent a card to the grey gizzard on my behalf as I’m still learning to pawblish myself.

Old poo face was so impressed by my tenderness he told me that since it is a day of peace and joy we should make a joint declaration of good tidings to all men. I smell a rat! He has some scheme in mind.

There is absolutely no doubt that my snout is itching with all the cooking going on around me.

There are great lickings to be had and some weird things around from different parts of the world.

Each persons gets to have their favorites.

The bro started the day with chocolate and some funny looking drink while waiting for his sausage rolls to cook. He ate them all except two which he graciously allowed Ma and Pa and me and gizz to sample!

Dad had his Indian samosas with chai tea and has some sweets and snacks waiting for later

As Ma is once again being deprived of Turkey for the sake of the bros desire to eat MEAT she is preparing her favorite veggies to remind her of home.

We’ll have another wee taste of Ireland a a bit latter too.

I’ve decided that this is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

I may even kiss the uncle!


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