Wagging Tail-594

Mummy whispered to me this morning that we’d do just a little walk as we had to get the Christmas groceries and deliver some present.

« If you’re a good chap Scooby you can come with me and we’ll leave the screamer at home with her Nyla »

So we skipped down the road, quickly wrapped some gifts and wrote some cards and got going.

The monster was oblivious to our scheme. All she can do is chew!

I thought I better pretend to like her so Ma would take me along for the ride. She was good to her word and we had such a good time cruising and singing Christmas songs.

We jingled belled all the way.

We even saw a Rudolph.

People do things big around here.

Hopes Santa brings me some of the kibble he feeds his reindeer.

I need to beef up to tackle Miss Trouble who is still chewing her bone.

Blessing#1195 -Deliveries

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