Wagging Tail-601

Ma has become obsessed with cleaning in the past few days. She’s making up for lost time and working her fingers to the bone dusting, changing beds, doing laundry all because of some Irish tradition that you have to have the house clean for new year.

We’ve been forced to keep busy with our bones to prevent death from boredom and were even subjected to a movie about them last night which was not the happiest of tales.

We’re hoping tonight we’ll all chill.

We know Ma has no big party to go to but has plans for a bottle of bubbly. Maybe we’ll have a sip too.

Hopefully she’ll be in good form tomorrow even if the forecast offers a stinky start to 2022.

In the meantime she had a little glee just now when she realized her blessing count is the past year in reverse.

Now that surely spells something special for what lies ahead!


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