Wagging Tail-602

Heh you beautiful peeps it’s your favorite Pitty Pups Princess here reporting on my first ever New Year.

It’s been swell. I had a total worm fest this morning and got a wonderfully refreshing ambulatory bath to boot.

Granny didn’t enjoy her soak quite so much.

Nor did the grumpy grey gizzard who got good and gooey and looks all curly and stupid like some geezer that just had a bad perm.

We had a great fight over the towel when Granny tried to dry us.

The only thing that could have made me happier is if my Dad was here. He had to go to work early as there is a big game on called the Rose Bowl.

He has to make a lot of dough as people eat gazillions of pizza when our team the bucks are playing.

Here’s hoping he gets lots of tips that spell treats for treasures like me!

Blessing#1203-Ringing It In

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