Wagging Tail-604

Crazy day

Started last night really

Ma sat up till 10:30 to watch the Christmas Special of ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL

You would have killed yourself laughing watching the niece. She thinks TV is for real and each time a dog makes a noise she’s like hello there is a puppy behind that big box.

Result was Ma didn’t wake up on time. The fondue made her comatose she claims. We were all delighted though that Dad could take off the O2 to eat over the flame with us…..

Poor Dad had to come and get her up this morning as she was still snoring an hour after he was due to get his meds.

Missed Auntie Denise and got a quick trot.

Next up she took off with the bro to the antique mall to rejig her booth.

The forbidden city which I learned all about yesterday has less treasures than that six by five feet space.

She got it done but not before she had to start work. Did a bit of on the side between serving the customers

So result is she’s just home and we’re all starving!

I’ll put her to bed early tonight! she can dream of the temple of heaven !

Blessing#1205-Sleep In

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