Wagging Tail-607

The niece is not well equipped for the current meteorological conditions.

She has see through vestments unlike myself. I’m very well endowed on the fur front.

The cold makes her hyper frisky when she goes out.

She nearly took poor Auntie Denise out three times this morning trying to play tag.

I tolerated her behavior because I knew she is just trying to generate a little heat.

We are contemplating the purchase of a coat but Ma says she has enough to deal with each morning getting her out as soon as she’s fed without dealing with putting on clothing.

Anyway result is we had a short walk and she is back in bed now with the bro.

The parents have gone to the hospital to have Dads aortic aneurysm measured so I’m in charge of Ma Maison and snuggling up in my favorite cosy spot all snug as a bug in a rug.

It’s great to be the man in charge! Ma even gave me two Milk Bones in recognition of my contribution to world peace!

Blessing#1208-Winter Wear

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