Wagging Tail-608

This winter hasn’t been so severe for us until this week that is.

Now we are getting hammered. It would chill you to the bone.

Mom says ever year she does the F versus C comparison to reinforce the point for our kin in the UK and India that it gets REALLY cold in Ohio.

Well today we got a warning from the National weather forecast to layer up and go out only if absolutely necessary! The temperatures they quote are in Fahrenheit!!!!!!

I got a half mile trot to do the necessary but the niece only got as far as the front yard. She’s fast on her jobs and her toes!!!!

So instead of walking we are doing what the Eskimos do and snuggling up and rubbing noses.

Days like this when we’re stuck indoors I’m glad I have Big Ears to play with.

Don’t let on to her though or she might get wind of it and get ideas above her station.

Blessing#1209-Staying Toasty

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