Wagging Tail-611

On Saturday night the battery in Mums car packed up. Fortunately she was at the antique mall when it happened and her friends Debbie and Roger came to the rescue and jump started her.

So yesterday the bro had to drop her at the mall and pick her up. Result was she was able to take some pretty pics on the way home of the sunset.

As you can see the sky had cleared, the gloom was gone and the splendor of the sky had returned.

Our sunsets and sunrises are so pretty here.

Our kitchen faces West so we get great colors coming through our window when we’re doing the dishes. Makes even the stickiest pot polishing pleasant.

Last night we thought the purple and pinks matched one of our orchids that is in full bloom to perfection.

Don’t you love it when that happens and colors are all matchy matchy?

Anyway Ma has had to leave her royal highness and me at home. We’re having a great time play fighting and driving Dad demented.

Ma is at her favorite garage 42 Auto getting the car fixed.

The sun has well and truly set on that battery.


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