Wagging Tail-610

Talk about gloomy it’s hateful today makes me a really grumpy grey gizzard!

All Mega is doing is chewing. She’s not even up for a fight.

Ma meanwhile is Facebooking. Fortunately some sites like her favorite Pudgy Picker involve dogs.

Others explain what not to feed us which annoys me no end. Limits my opportunities.

Mega eats everything including Christmas Trees and it has unfortunately done her no harm as yet. That tree should have come down on twelfth night but Ma says it brightens things up so it’s staying up till she feels inspired to remove it.

She’s made the change it seems at the tearoom and is all set for Valentines.

She was ecstatic when she discovered her lady teddy has a little light in her heart that beats to music.

She’s not hard to please my Ma when it comes to toys and playing shop.

Pity she wouldn’t come up with some ideas for dogs. She need the business. It would be most unique I think to have a place for pet parties. I could be the host with the most!

You gotta dream of what might lie ahead even when it’s currently covered in clouds.

Blessing#1211-Blue Skies

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