Wagging Tail-613

Ma and I had a great little siesta fiesta yesterday afternoon. When we woke up we were a little hungry but it was too early for dinner.

Let’s make ginger snaps Ma said while Mega is snoozing. So we pulled out the old recipe book and got busy.

As we had no golden syrup we used maple syrup instead. We also, by accident, overdosed the baking soda. These little gaffes may be the cause for the disaster that ensued.

The cookies were crap.

They looked horrible

Were burned on the bottom and had a texture like granite.

Yet the dear Dad still ate some and his only comment was that he could have used a little more ginger. The man’s à saint!

Ma ate some too since they were her doing and of course I helped her out. I even pretended I liked them so she wouldn’t be offended.

We’re committed to trying again. If you have a good recipe that’s full proof please share. Maybe we’ll take some snaps of the snaps like these bread heads did.


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