Wagging Tail-614

Hi y’all it’s the prettiest Pitty in publishing producing for her passionate public today.

I had a sound sleep as always and just had a great walk in spite of being strangled by Granny because I tried to eat goose poop again.

It’s delicious, full of veggies and loaded I’m sure with probiotics but the wrinkled one won’t have anything to do with me chomping it!

She says that I’d eat coal. Well so would she if she was starving.

If she leaves anything unattended I’m right into it.

Heck I even try to eat the sofa. Helps with cleaning. My contribution to household hygiene!!!

Grumpy gizzard’s nose is out of joint because the ancient one was awake at five so he had to get up and is now crabby because he’s tired and cause I’ve got both nylas!

That’ll teach him for being Granny’s pet! Na na they’re Nala’s Nylas!

Blessing#1215-Tongue in Cheek

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