Wagging Tail-618

Heh y’all Prettiest Pitty here.

Something very strange happened overnight.

My whole world went white.

It’s all over the place and is sooooooooo cold on my Pitty Paws.

It sure tastes yummy though.

We couldn’t go walking as Granny was too cold. It’s not just slippery it’s very windy so she’d be frozen.

We have to take care of her as she is the one who does everything for us.

Uncle Scooby was very vocal in guarding us when Mr Adam came to dig out our driveway and clear our path.

The Gizz is coaching me on barking but I’m not quite ready yet for the front window job.

Guard Duties

Here’s a little video of my progress. Aren’t I the big brave.

Love y’all. Stay safe and warm and send me snacks.


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