Wagging Tail-619

Have you ever seen a Pitty ice skate? Ours can. She’s all about poses and pirouettes.

She has been watching way too much TV and needs a good pair of biker boots to keep her grounded.

Shame Ma needs two hands to hold us or we could have TicToked it all for you.

She must think that because the Chinese decor is up she’s destined for Beijing.

She has illusions of grandeur.

I put it all down to her father.

He has whispered too many sweet nothings in her ear about being a winner and never giving up.

Just because he’s Chinese doesn’t mean she can claim the race.

Mind you she does like red and bears some resemblance to that little lady from the Beijing summer games that we always have on display at this time of year!!!

Maybe we should ship her over and hope she never returns!!


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