Wagging Tail-634

I listen to Al Roker ever morning on the TODAY show. He’s so funny.

Even though it’s Wednesday he said it was 2/2/22 day. Get it!!

I laughed.

Maybe I could take up weather forecasting myself like that stupid ground hog.

Ma is not laughing though about what lies ahead for tomorrow.

We are in the path of this storm that’s affecting nearly half the country. It’s the ice that gives her the shivers. If you’ve ever had to drive on ice you know that no four wheel drive or special tires help. You just crawl and slide.

She may have to close the Tearoom and stay home.

Can you all join me please right now in hoping we get dumped on that way she’ll have to take a day off and snuggle with me and get that kissy kissy critter out of my hair.

Blessing#1235-Weather Watching

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