Wagging Tail-633


My first Chinese New Year with y’all.

Granny who is a Rat is doing something special at the Tearoom.

Free green tea made the Chinese way all this week. It’s the good stuff too! She is feeling generous.

I don’t drink tea but I will for sure partake in spring rolls, dumplings and fortune cookies with the Gizz. He’s a pig!

No offense Gizz but it’s very appropriate!

Daddy’s a dragon which explains his appetite and loud and smelly farts.

Grandpa is a dog which is maybe why he can’t stand me. Competition!

See I know so much.

Like a good little ratter Granny found another Treasure in the thrift store so appropriate for this week.

Can you believe it!

KEY message from the master. You must have Purpose, Flow and Patience.

I have mastered the first. It is to eat bones as big as an ox like me.


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