Wagging Tail-637

The bro was bored yesterday so he decided he’d weigh in on the baking business too. This time for home use!

We made chocolate chip cookies and brownies. We only got the cookie not the chips as we don’t do chocolate.

He teased us mercilessly and as a punishment got a call from his manager to say as soon as the emergency lifted he had to work!

Served him right.

The niece was annoyed as she had plans for a play day with him. She put on her « I’m a poor princess. Please Pitty me pout»

Did her no good at all. Instead she had to listen to Dad shouting at her and me stealing her Nyla.

I soon got bored with the babe and slunk off to bed.

A shut eye restored me to my usual jovial self.

This morning I was on top form and Ma braved the cold to take me and the menace for a one miler. The snow is pure white and has little sparkly bits in it that are shiny like diamonds. Hope you can see them.

We enjoyed crunching and said hi to some birdies who were the only living beings around. They are all fluffed up to keep warm.

Ma has gone to work so I’m holding down the fort with Dad while the niece and bro snore some more.

They are so lazy not like me at all.

Blessing#1238-Whitest White

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