Wagging Tail-638

It’s the seventieth anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth’s accession to the throne.

Being regal myself I can understand the challenges she faces every day.

My Mom loves her. Sees her as the Mother of her country.

The Queen is so wise. Like myself!

She may have been one of the few born with a silver spoon in her mouth but she has been dealt some hard hands throughout the years.

Yet her Majesty soldiers on and keeps on climbing ever hill before her.

Now as a very old lady she once again has shown that she is not giving up. Rather, with immense foresight and diplomacy she is preparing the way for her successor to succeed.

I have no doubt we all can learn from this and show that we too can move on and accept almost every situation with grace, compassion and gratitude!

Blessing#1239-Servant Leadership

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