Wagging Tail-640

I am just curious if anyone else is as mad as my Mom.

She is is a bit manic when it comes to cups and glasses. Unlike my good self who gets by with the same bowl for my aqua, that horror or horrors I have to now share with a certain Princess, Ma has a designated container for each beverage.

She has to drink coffee in the morning from the same mug. Fortunately she has five of these specimens. She had half a dozen until last week when she broke one. It was like the death of a family member.

Now we have about a hundred other mugs but these mugs have history. They were purchased along with a dinner service at the Corning factory shop in upstate New York when she went to Rochester for my cousin Vandana’s graduation in 2000.

The mugs have lived in Connecticut, Shanghai, Switzerland, Paris and now Ohio.

They cannot be used for tea though. That has to be taken from a HUGE mug with paws on it.

I could almost swim in it such is the depth.

For red wine which is her winter tipple we have another large love. It is the sole survivor of a set of four she got as a Christmas gift about twenty years ago.

Her white wine glass is of finest quality and predates her marriage by six years as it comes from a set of 48 of various shapes and sizes that Dad bought in 1980 at La Boutique Danoise in Lausanne. About 20 are still around.

Her fizz for Friday glass is another singlet. She got a pair of them in a yard sale about six years ago. It is perfection for bubbles. « Allows them to rise » If she breaks it they’ll be trouble ahead.

What you may ask does she use for beer or soda? That comes from the can. No other way to drink it! Gotta have it ice cold. Only cans work.

Finally water. Well that is also generally of the fizzy variety so it’s taken from the can too and as for the still stuff we’ll that doesn’t matter as water is water provided of course it’s not from my bowl!


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