Wagging Tail-639

This morning we braved our usual two mile walk to the park because it was sunny and not too windy.

Auntie Denise had her phone so she took these pics to show how pretty it was.

The ice on the trees was all glistening and sparkly. Like Narnia.

Generally I was well behaved apart from having a go at the niece on the way home. She was getting in my way as I was leaving Instagrams on trees and bushes and lampposts.

Since I hadn’t been on the route for a week or more I had to be sure people knew that the Great Scooby is back!

Mega just did two big pees she can’t squirt like me. Maybe it’s a girl thing. Or maybe she isn’t into social media just yet.

Anyway she was very naughty jumping on poor Auntie Denise so she richly deserved the mauling I gave her.

Now she is annoying Mom who is making millions of mini muffins.

I’m feigning exhaustion just to get some peace!


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