Wagging Tail-642

The past few days we’ve had a thaw. That’s great because we get to walk further in the evening as it’s still light now when Ma gets home.

The niece is not yapping about how cold she is and shivering like some freak anymore. Just being a total pain as always. Attention seeking psycho!

My nose definitely tells me spring is just around the corner.

In Ireland, as seen in my Auntie Sandra’s garden pics it has already come. The snowdrops are blooming and the birds are singing.

Someone posted a pic from Sandringham where the Queen was staying last week and it look like virtual summer there. The grass is definitely greener at the palace plenty of pots of gold there too I bet.

We have no doubt some more days when snuggling will still be needed but it’s hopefully now safe to say the worst is over.

Our community pool even sent out emails about membership renewal. Bring out the bathing suits!

Blessing#1243- 131 Days!

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