Wagging Tail-643

I’m a bit miffed with Mom.

She and auntie Paula are organizing a GALENTINES event at the tearoom and boutique.

Paula is talking about style and fashion trends and Ma is serving tea. They are all psyched because they are sold out! More on this tomorrow.

Anyway she didn’t even take us half a mile this morning. As soon as my jobs were done she turned for home and dumped us with Dad. She might as well move to that wretched old house. At the very least she could build me a kennel up there.

So what else to do but play « give the dog a bone ». It’s a game you need two for so I suppose the niece is of some use. Limited mind you and only worthy when I win.

All this nonsense about being in it for the gamesmanship is bull. You gotta be the one on the top podium with your anthem playing. I nose you know.

Blessing#1244-Going for Gold

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