Wagging Tail-647

See my Mom she is always yapping at my poor Dad that he collects too much paper.

This sometimes results in her having to eat humble pie.

Take this morning when she read her emails there was a message from Switzerland asking for two very important documents.

Quick as a flash Dad found them.

Took him five minutes. Just look at the time on these pics!

I was going to say to Mom that she owes Dad an apology for all the times she’s shouted about paper but I kept my trap shut.

Sees she’s good at finding things too. Hers are somewhat less important!

Like yesterday she snagged all this fondue on sale at Aldi.

It’s hard to imagine that in the USA they can sell Swiss fondue for less than they do in its country of origin.

Ironic too that these two finds relate to La Confederation Helvetic too!

Blessing#1248-Book Keeping

3 Replies to “Wagging Tail-647”

  1. I am On my way to Ali’s today for fondue. I love it but my cardiologist will have an attack! The very cold weather is the best time for it.


  2. You, plus a friend of our with Swiss ancestry, is inspiring me to try Aldi’s cheese fondue–even if I can’t snag it on sale!


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