Wagging Tail-648

It’s Mums birthday so I’m being super sweet to her.

She’s got lots of messages and many feature people singing including one of her heart throbs from teen years.

Others feature tea pots and tea cups and big cakes. I wonder why.

We were reflecting this morning before we got up on how many dog years she is.

As she’s 62 in human terms that makes her close to 9 in doggie years.

That seems awfully young until you put it into the context of our pouches.

Bingley made it to 11.

Dibley to 12

Darcy to 13

So Ma is definitely past the halfway mark.

I as you know am 3&1/2 which makes me older and definitely more mature than the bro.

The niece is just 3/4 which explains I suppose her behavior. She’s a preschooler.

Ma says she still feels about 5 which explains why we get along better than any other souls on the planet.

Blessing#1249-Happy Returns

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