Wagging Tail-655

Remember that bit of dead critter I found? Well Mega found another piece of it last night. The murderer must have buried it.

Poor Ma had to prize open her jaws and pull it out. It was all wet and furry and it also had a bone in it.

She didn’t.

We expected the worse that she might puke. The niece that is.

She’s just been very quiet.

Doesn’t seem interested in bones or playing chaseies.

Makes me feel a bit down myself.

Funny when you have someone around you who is always playful and upbeat and then they don’t play how it does your head in.

Only thing for it is to wait till she bounces back.

Maybe I’ll be just a tiny bit nicer to her today and try to be less grumpy and give her a giggle.

Blessing#1256-A Joker

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