Wagging Tail-654

It may be « deux deux deux deux deux deux deux deux deux » Day but We are getting ready for our patron Patrick.

Since the lantern festival is over we can tear down the Chinese New Year decor and bring out the green.

It will be the Princess’s first exposure to the good Saint. She already tried to eat one of the ornaments. Terrible pity he didn’t exterminate Pitty as well as snakes. Maybe I could pray to him about that!

We also did yummy things in his honor.

We made shortbread in the shape of shamrocks

We even attempted traditional Irish oat cakes that the big man may have eaten himself. Thanks to Mum,Run, Bake blogger our dear Laura Christmann for the recipe. They turned out great and hopefully will go down well at the Tearoom with a bit of Irish cheddar.

All of this meant Ma had a good excuse for not doing any cleaning and only one load of laundry.

You just gotta get your priorities straight.

Since it’s pouring we are now going to adjourn for a snooze.

Blessing#1255-Preparing for Pat

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