Wagging Tail-657

It is ironic that this morning we should wake to a message from cousin Krishna in India that is totally in line with my banter for today.

See last evening Ma made lentil soup. It is very nourishing. Has the consistency of cement. Anyways after eating two huge bowls of it and partaking of her usually Shiraz she slumbered on the sofa.

When she awoke, like all sleeping beauties do!!!, Dad informed her that the niece had been missing in action for a while. She’d retired to the bros room it seemed.

Ah poor little Princess Ma thought she must be tired too with all that chewing!

It was mind blowing what Ma found when she went to find her.

There were shredded teddy parts everywhere. Many of the bro’s boxers were ripped to pieces and she’d got into an elixir of sorts too!

Ma came straight down the stairs and sent a text to the bro.

I felt sorry for him because that very day, after weeks of neglect, he had cleaned and vacuumed his room.

I thought, make that hoped, he’d take her to the pound when he got home but no.

On his way from work he went to Walmart and bought her something. Seems he’s working on the principles of positivity for behavior modification!

Maybe I’ll be naughty too today! Salmon sure sounds sweet!

Or maybe I’ll just sit!


One Reply to “Wagging Tail-657”

  1. Our family dog, 1 year old chocolate lab is a menace to chew toys. My sister picked up on at the Dollar Store that lasted a record 27 hours this week. It was Logan’s 🎂 present.


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