Wagging Tail-658

Yesterday we had another ice storm. It didn’t stop us walking as our roads were pretty well salted.

The little icicles on the trees were all glistening at our place. They looked like jewels. It was so pretty.

Heading North on the way to work Ma says things got a lot more dramatic especially in areas that had been flooded earlier in the week.

Many big tree limbs and cables were down including at Auntie Paula’s. At the tearoom the mail box was totally encased in ice.

Maybe a good thing Ma says as it’s always full of bills and with this weather there is very little business. Most people cancelled appointments because they were too afraid to come out! Auntie Marsha still made it though!

It gave Ma time to rejig her treasures and do some Facebook page promotions which made her happy.

Thats one good thing about being a one man show there is never a dull moment.

This morning we perked up even more when we heard it’s less than a month till spring. Brighter days are coming soon.

Time for a haircut me thinks.

Blessing#1259-Pick Me Ups

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