Wagging Tail-660

Please pity this poor Pitty!

I am in Granny’s biggest bad book.

See yesterday she was all smiles when she came back from a shower party. She’d had a lovely lunch and laughs with some pal and was feeling very happy.

Since it was such a sunny afternoon she said to the uncle and me “let’s go get some steps in” so off we went.

We’d just gone round the corner when I spotted my beau Remington. He’s about two months older than me and thinks quite rightly that I’m hot!

So he’s tugging his Ma to kiss me and I’m tugging Granny to kiss him. My retractable leash is broken so the only way the Gran can control me is by wrapping the leash around her had and when I pull it hurts like hades.

Meanwhile the uncle is tugging in the opposite direction to get at a tree.

So Granny is being pulled apart in the middle of the road by a dog on either side when a UPS truck drives up.

The man at the wheel starts tooting the horn which makes matters even worse. You could see steam coming out of Granny’s nostrils.

He draws up beside Gran and asks something which she can’t hear at first so she doesn’t say excuse me as polite people might she yells WHAT? at this poor guy.

He sort of shrinks in his seat as he clearly has never encountered a mad Irish woman being ripped apart by two dogs and so he repeats his question “are they fighting?”

NO Granny answers they’re PLAYING in a somewhat vexed tone as I take off towards Remington.

Why his Mom didn’t walk off while she could is a mystery to Gran but anyway the two of us once again tried to engage in a little loving when Granny goes ballistic. .

By now she is so mad she gets me by the collar and literally makes me walk like a ballerina on my back Pitty Princess Paws all the way home.

This morning she was still stewing with me as I did not redeem myself last evening.

She tossed the retractable leash in the trash bin and got out came old faithful. The leash that auntie Denise used with her long passed massive Samoyed that she’d given Ma when my uncle was in his junior leash chewing phase.

It gives a lot less scope for squirreling but it sure is great for a game if your Granny doesn’t get it off as soon as you get home.

Blessing#1261-Tug of War

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